A Year of You is LIVE and going strong!


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So, what’s it about? You could go read the official blurb, but this is easy. Image

A Year of You is an NA romance about some really f*cked up people finding love, through some pretty crazy crap. You got West, a smokin’ hot singer, trying to shake the grip of a bad relationship and Mattie, a damaged con-artist trying to make up for all the bad stuff she’s done. Together, they’ve got to solve a 20 year old mystery involving a missing child, which could earn them a multi-million-dollar payday. A slightly deranged woman stands in their way, as well as a completely maniacal bad guy from Mattie’s past. A Year of You is dark, gritty, violent, and steam-up-the-windows sexy!

Here’s the amazon link so you can check it out yourself!http://amzn.com/B00IX1L8B8